Custom Procurement

In addition to our vast in-house inventory of biospecimens, Folio has an extensive procurement network that is used for custom collections of tissue, blood, and biofluids. We have vast capabilities in oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology and neurology.  Our IRB protocols allow us to collect from a wide range of medical procedures such as resections, endoscopies, autopsies, elective skin biopsies and blood draws. Because of the dynamic nature of prospective collections, we have developed a skilled logistics team and medical courier network to meet the demands of our scientists. Few research projects are simple. Let Folio accommodate your research diversity.


Why custom procurement?

  • Rare indications

  • Custom collection and processing

  • Complicated studies

  • Active cases and autopsies

  • Fresh collections

  • Matched tissue pairs 

Why is Folio the best in custom biospecimen procurement?


  • Network of partners allows access to thousands of human tissue samples in a variety of formats. Learn about procurement format options.
  • Customize the study-specific collection protocol and collection kits
  • Set inclusion/exclusion criteria for donors and specimens
  • Process specimens in Folio’s CLIA lab. Learn about lab services.

Clinical Partnerships

  • Network of 30-50 clinical partners across all therapeutic areas and indications
  • Partners are IRB and Human Subjects Research (45 CFR 46) compliant and work closely with Folio to ensure the highest quality of biospecimen collection


  • Folio is staffed with scientists, pathologists, histotechnicians, and more 
    • Ability to understand researchers’ needs and find creative solutions
  • In-house full service CLIA certified histology laboratory


  • Folio’s Board Certified Pathologists perform rigourous QC checks to guarantee the highest quality
  • Folio scientists understand proper procurement/storage procedures and stringently manage the entire procurement process


  • All procurement of human tissue samples is performed in accordance with IRB-approved protocols
  • Protecting the best interests and privacy of donors is of the highest priority