About Us

Folio Biosciences is the most trusted provider of clinical biospecimen and research services for the scientific community. Since inception, Folio Biosciences has been dedicated to advancing biomedical research by providing easy and affordable access to high quality biospecimens. Each Folio service is designed and tested for use in discovery research, setting new standards for stringency in the field. Learn more about why the leading research organizations choose Folio Biosciences as their preferred partner for tissue-based scientific and biomedical research. Folio Products & Services Folio provides clients an unparalleled tissue procurement service. We are dedicated to ethical procurement of tissue from human donors and animals. All procurement of human tissue is performed in accordance with IRB-approved protocols and managed stringently by Folio. Protecting the best interests and privacy of patients is always our highest priority. Folio’s in house biorepository has over 6 million plus specimens and continues to grow annually. This biospecimen collection uniquely provides up to 25 years of follow up data. For high throughput research, Folio provides the highest quality human tissue microarrays for the detection of RNA and for use in immunohistology. Learn more about our products. Lab Services. Folio Biosciences offers a complete set of CLIA Certified customized Histology Services from QC and tissue evaluation to any or all of your study needs. Learn more about:

We are dedicated to the ethical procurement of tissue from human donors and the ethical treatment of animals. All of our tissues are collected under strict guidelines and consent.