Folio Biosciences – The Company

Why Folio Biosciences is the largest and most trusted provider of biospecimens and histology services in the industry:


This is our sole business focus, and our reputation relies on continuing to do a great job for our clients year after year.


The company and the projects are led by senior scientists. Folio has Board Certified Pathologists perform quality control (QC), and expert biomedical research scientists to review the results and projects.

CLIA Certified

Our labs are CLIA Certified to carry out studies for you. We can also help with “co-discovery” by screening tissues together.


Folio’s team of experts is a true partner for your studies. We are here to see your projects through to success, not just to sell you tissue specimens. Folio is a research partner, not a ‘catalog company.’ We have an extended network of IRB compliant partners to ensure your every need will be met.


Our company has had the same focus for fifteen years, and all of our operations are localized in the U.S. to maintain strong control over quality and procurements. In addition, all in-house tissue samples and clinical case annotations come from U.S. based clinical facilities, ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards.

Solving your problems

We are here to serve you – whether you have a large project or a small one, we treat you with respect and make sure we understand what you need. We work with large pharmaceutical companies, small academic labs, and everything in between.

Extended services

Just call us. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site, or if you know you need custom specimen procurement or characterization, just contact us. We can almost always help you, and we minimize your cost and risk compared to any other approach.


We stand behind our work. If the sample is not what we say it is, we replace it!

Folio Biosciences is the leading provider of human tissue samples for research. Folio has the largest and most trusted human biospecimen repository – with over 6 million plus samples and up to 25 years of follow-up clinical data. Our collection has breadth and depth, and we also have custom procurement services, histopathology services, and a network of strategic partners to serve all of your needs. Folio Biosciences is a U.S. based company that collects its biological specimens from leading U.S. sources using best industry practices to ensure that the tissue samples are properly tracked, documented, and annotated. This enables Folio to stand behind its tissue specimens. Our practices meet or exceed all regulatory, legal, and ethical requirements CLIA Certified, Folio offers full pathology and histology capabilities. All clinical tests are available – IHC, FISH, ISH, etc. – using fully validated assay methods. Whether or not you currently use commercial suppliers of tissue samples for your research, Folio Biosciences delivers the greatest value and service. We have the largest inventory of qualified tissue specimens, and we are able provide them at a lower cost because of the efficiency of our operation, the experience of our team, and the strategic scientific and clinical partnerships we have in place. Regardless of the size of your study, we also get you get the full set of specimens faster, which adds value because time is money in research as you are competing globally for discoveries, publications, grants, and new products. We provide documented and validated samples with extensive clinical follow-up information so that you can trust your results and not have to repeat your experiments. We have the in-house expertise to screen specimen samples for the specific biomarkers you need. This means you can carry out well-controlled experiments with precisely selected samples. If you are uncertain which tissue samples you’ll need for in depth studies, we offer a special service to hold back the remainder of the blocks on reserve for you, at no additional cost, in order to provide the exact matched selected specimens for your follow-up studies.