The Folio Tissue Biobank is vast, dynamic, and diversified, allowing us to move your research forward faster. Containing over 7 million U.S. based, clinically annotated paraffin blocks, Folio has created one of the world’s largest commercially available collections of human tissue. Formats include FFPE, frozen, and biofluids and cover all major therapeutic areas including: oncology, inflammatory diseases, neurology, normal, and rare diseases. Our participating archival hospitals are predominantly U.S. based to ensure the highest level of ethical and quality standards. Every case is submitted for a secondary pathology review by our board-certified pathologists and comes with a fully de-identified demographic and pathology report. Our biobank supplies researchers with a convenient and cost effective way to select relevant cases from all major types of cancer and disease.

How can Folio best match your biospecimen needs?

Folio’s inventory provides both breadth and depth when it comes to matching exactly what your research requires. To see discovery and disease indications click here. 


  • Primary
  • METS

  • Diseased

  • Benign
  • NAT

  • Normal

Tissue Types

  • Diseased and Normal Tissue
  • Whole Blood

  • Other Biofluids here

To see a list of tissue formats click here

Data Available

  • About the Biospecimen

    • Cancer: Cellular Type, TNM/Stage, Biomarkers

    • Diseases: Secondary Scores, Biomarkers

  • About the Donor
    • Age, Gender, Medical History, Treatment Details

Folio can provide matched tissue sets

Folio knows the power of matched sets and works to make these available either through our banked or prospective capabilities. 

  • Same Donor, Different Format/Tissue Type
    • Ex. Same tumor in both FFPE and frozen forms

    • Ex: Same donor with both a tissue sample and a biofluid

  • Same Donor, Different Pathology

    • Ex. Tumor and matching NAT (Normal Adjacent Tissue)

  • Different Donors, Matching Demographics

    • Ex: Normal control age-/gender-matched to diseased specimen

Why is Folio the best in biobanking?

Largest Commercial Biobank

  • 7 million plus FFPE, U.S. based, clinically annotated biospecimen
  • Represents most oncology, autoimmune, and neurological indications

Network of Partners

  • Folio’s extensive procurement network expands what is available banked
  • Custom collections of tissue, blood, and biofluids


  • Specimen from Folio’s Biorepository is available, either as slides or blocks, with custom stains and other histology services from the in-house CLIA lab

High Standards

  • All specimens come from U.S. based clinical settings, ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards
  • Folio’s CLIA certified lab is staffed with Board Certified Pathologists to perform stringent QC checks on all of our biospecimens

Clinical Data

  • All samples include an anonymized data set with demographic information and a full pathology report
  • Many cases include outcome/follow-up data covering periods up to 25 years

"Try Before You Buy"

  • Economize by requesting sections to screen in your own lab before purchasing only those tissue blocks that meet your specific cytological and molecular criteria