Banked Formats

Folio’s biobank houses 7 million diagnostic FFPE blocks. This collection grows at the rate of about 1 million blocks per year. In addition to FFPE, we bank frozen tissue and biofluids. FFPE blocks can be selected and used to custom-manufacture TMA’s in our CLIA lab. To learn more about fresh tissue collections, visit our procurement page.

Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue are samples that has been prepared for long-term preservation. FFPEs can be cut into thin sections (usually ~5 micron width) using a Micrometer and then mounted on slides for staining and microscopic evaluation. FFPE blocks are mounted on plastic cassettes and kept at room temperature. All Folio FFPE blocks are packaged in slide cases and clam shells for protection during shipping.

Every FFPE case is submitted for a secondary pathology review to verify the tissue indeed matches the diagnosis on the pathology report. Our US board-certified pathologists further annotate each case for certain morphologic features, for example, % tumor/disease and % necrosis, ensuring you will receive only high quality cases. 

Frozen Tissue

Folio provides researchers the option of Snap frozen or OCT prepared tissues. For many cases, donor-matched FFPE and frozen biospecimen are available. Folio carefully monitors the storage of all frozen samples, ensuring they remain at precisely -80 C. In our CLIA laboratory, we can perform analysis on cryosections of frozen tissue or provide you with sections for your in-house analysis. All Folio frozen shipments are insured and shipped on dry ice. If the frozen tissue you need is not available banked, we can design a custom procurement of tissue to freeze using your specific collection protocol.


Biofluids currently in the Folio inventory include whole blood, serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, PBMC, platelet poor plasma, synovial fluid, urine, bone marrow.  If you are interested in fresh tissue for your study learn about custom procurement