Folio biospecimen are available through both the biobank and custom procurement. Folio’s biobank offers archival specimens in the form of formalin-fixed & paraffin-embedded (FFPE), frozen, and biofluids. Custom procurements can be designed in order to collect fresh tissue as well. Folio can identify samples for most indications, including rare indications, and can select based on subtype, stage, cellular type, and many other criteria. All Folio biospecimen come with demographic information like age, gender ethnicity if available, basic pathology or case report information, and staging and biomarker information if available. For archival specimen, 25 years worth of follow-up clinical data, such as treatment history and disease progression, may also be available. 


Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue is biopsied tissue that has been prepared for long-term preservation. FFPEs can be cut into thin sections (usually ~5 micron width) using a Micrometer and then mounted on slides for staining and microscopic evaluation. FFPE blocks are mounted on plastic cassettes and kept at room temperature. Folio FFPE blocks are packaged in sleeves, clam shells, and coolers for protection during shipping. 

Every FFPE case is submitted for a secondary pathology review to verify the tissue indeed matches the diagnosis on the pathology report. Our US board-certified pathologists further annotate each case for certain morphologic features, for example, % tumor/disease and % necrosis, ensuring you will receive only high quality cases. 

Fresh Tissue

Folio can perform custom fresh collections with standardized collection kits designed and distributed for each specific project. Biofluids and tissue from elective research biopsies or resected remnant tissue can be delivered fresh in media within 24 hours. Folio utilizes trained U.S. medical couriers to ensure confidential delivery of fresh tissue and biofluids, overnight and directly to the client.

Frozen Tissue

 Available in the Folio Biobank or through custom procurement, Snap frozen or OCT prepared tissues are ready to serve your research needs. All Folio frozen shipments are insured and shipped on dry ice. This fast preparation allows for best molecular analysis and fewer artifacts. Contact us to discuss your research needs. 

Tissue Microarrays are paraffin blocks containing multiple re-embedded core biopsies from numerous different blocks. Folio can custom manufacture TMAs from your own FFPE blocks or FFPE blocks from our in-house inventory. All Folio TMAs are packaged in slide cases and clam shells for protection during shipping. Contact us to discuss your research needs. 

Custom TMA