What services can Folio offer you?


Custom Histology


mRNA, miRNA in situ hybridization

H&E stain and special stains



Pathology services

Evaluation of tumor tissues

Consultation services

Specialized Pathology: Tumor, GI, Neuro, Derm, etc



High resolution Aperio scans for virtual pathology

Quantification of staining 

Image archiving

Speak with our scientists about matching our lab capabilities to your research needs.

Why is Folio the best in histopathology services?

We have experience

  • Folio's on-site staff consists of 25 highly skilled professionals, which include PhD scientists, histologists, and Board-Certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathologists with varying expertise. Our experienced scientists' research has been published in numerous scientific publications, including Nature, PNAS, NEJM, AMP, and many others.

  • Because of our scientific expertise, we have also created capabilities for our clients including validating new antibodies, developing specialized pathology scoring, and acting as a central lab for clinical trials.

We have extensive capabilities

  • Our CLIA certified laboratory offers state of the art tissue sample processing and analytical methods such as: immunohistochemistry, ISH, FISH, in situ gene and miRNA expression analysis, custom staining and histopathology services.

We have the best technology

  • Folio’s lab is home to state-of-the-art technology to fulfill all of your histology needs.