Study Overview: 

The Client:

Pharmaceutical Company

The Science:

The client needs fresh gastric tumor with matching blood and normal adjacent tissue.

The Challenge:

Safely and securely move prospectively procured fresh tissue from source to client in the shortest amount of time to maintain cell viability and client confidentiality. 

The Folio Solution:

For the fastest accrual rate, Folio proceeded with a multi-cancer prospective collection for Endometrial, Renal Cell, Colorectal, Thyroid, and Breast Cancer specimens. Also, Folio utilized 7-10 different hospital systems to select from 50+ surgeries per week. Folio provides each source with customized collection protocol documentation and training in order to ensure all standards are met according to client specifications.

To ensure the highest quality, Folio developed custom procurement kits, which were distributed to the hospitals in order to standardize the collection protocol.

Specimens were collected in cell viability media that maintains viability for up to 72 hours in transit. Medicals couriers were used to guarantee the safe and efficient handling of biomaterials. 


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