With access to over 6 million plus clinically annotated paraffin blocks, Folio has created one of the world’s largest in-house commercially available collections of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues.

Specimen from Folio’s Biorepository is available, either as slides or blocks, with custom stains and other histology services. All in-house cases come from only U.S. based clinical settings, ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards. All tissue bank samples include an anonymized data set with demographic information and a full pathology report. Collaboration with cancer registries and contributing hospitals maximizes the availability of extended medical information such as hormone receptor status, chemotherapy, family history, etc. Many cases include outcome and follow-up information covering periods up to 25 years. The Folio Tissue Biobank supplies researchers with a convenient and cost effective way to select relevant cases from major types of cancer.

Visit our Custom Tissue Procurement page to find out more information regarding our procurement services or if you have questions regarding our frozen or paraffin tissue samples.