Study Overview

 The Client:

Commercial reagent supplier

The Science:

Low PMI FFPE spleen and liver tissue. Client needed the samples to be histologically and cytologically normal.

The Challenge:

Even clinically normal donors can have undiagnosed or asymptomatic problems at the cellular level, especially with the liver. The issue is further exacerbated by the high level of enzymatic activity in the liver making it very susceptible to post-mortem degradation. 

The Folio Solution:

Folio takes the word "normal" seriously and will not deliver specimen based only on the absence of diagnosed pathology. Our collection teams are able to collect in as low as 6-8 hours post-mortem, ensuring the highest quality samples. Then the samples go through our histology/pathology QC process to ensure that the samples are truly normal at the cellular level -- we do not allow samples with inflammation, fat deposits, cellular autolysis, or evidence of disease processes to be considered normal. Our commitment to quality samples is backed up by our promise to replace any that do not meet your criteria. 

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