Common Research Applications

Research applications of Folio Biosciences' Tissue-Based Products and Services


One of the great challenges today is extending findings from individual basic research experiments into clinically relevant programs. Often, this means translating observations from cell lines or a small number of tissue samples into well characterized population studies that properly control for biomarker differences among individuals and groups, within tissue and cell types, and between normal, disease, and response populations. Whatever your area of study, we will work with you to determine the right number and types of samples you need to screen to complete your research projects. There may be a single purchase or a staged approach - and we will help you make an efficient plan for your needs.

Common Applications of Folio Biospecimens Span the Entire R&D Process:

  • Screen

    Biomarkers, Tissue specificity/localization/variation, Population/sub-population studies, Reagents

  • Validate

    Assays/tests, Reagents, Biomarkers, Tissue, Analytical Methods/Instruments/Software

  • Develop

    Assay, Reagent, Data Analysis/Prediction Products

  • Apply

    Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Personalized Medicine, Translational Research, New Products and Services

Folio Biosciences is the leading provider of tissue samples for research to enable our clients and partners to study differences in gene and protein expression, chromosomal gene quantification and localization, cellular morphology, or range/amount of sequence variation across representative tissue types and clinical patient states. You can use these results to confirm (or change) your hypotheses or to characterize the relevant biomarkers in order to select patients for biomedical research or clinical studies, predict responses to treatments or susceptibility to disease, model biological and disease networks, design new/better tests, and validate your reagents and assays for their intended purposes. Our quality tissue biospecimens help you translate initial experimental observations into biomedical research knowledge for which you can take action and bring your projects to fruition.

For initial characterization and biomarker screening programs, you can order the minimal tissue sections you need, and if desired, we can hold the remainder of the blocks on reserve for you in case you need the exact matched specimens for follow-up studies. There is no additional cost for holding the blocks for you, and you only pay for what you need. This helps us support you through the entire lifecycle of your research.


Common research uses of Folio's human biospecimens include:

  • Identify (or confirm) novel therapeutic targets.

  • Identify patient samples that express your gene/protein/variant of interest.

  • Correlate drug sensitivity to a given genetic or other biomarker background.

  • Identify signatures that differentiate between normal and diseased tissues.

  • Perform imaging studies on tissues and cells.

  • Develop companion diagnostics based on biomarker analysis and cohort and outcome data.


Folio’s specimens are also well-suited for use in the newest frontiers of patient-specific biomarker studies. These include mass spectrometry and flow cytometry based methods to detect proteins, as well as assays to investigate site-specific protein modifications, such as the phosphorylation state of kinases and receptors. Folio scientists already analyze microRNA (miRNA) in tissue samples. ChIP and epigenetic studies give new insights to cell- and tissue-specific differences. Better RNA sequencing methods from FFPE samples allow detection of specific mutations and post-transcriptional modifications. New methods for whole genome sequencing and assembly from degraded DNA will open up new extensive studies from preserved tissue samples. These new methods extend the common histology, FISH, and immunohistochemistry assays to further delve into addressing the fundamental problems and gaps in our understanding of biology and medicine. All of these studies still require having high quality, well characterized human tissue, and Folio is here to meet those needs, so that access to large numbers of affordable, good tissue samples is never the rate limiting step in your research.