Your Research Partner – Folio Biosciences is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for tissue-based research studies. The company and its projects are led by senior biomedical research scientists to ensure that we understand and support your scientific requirements. Our Board and CLIA Certified Pathologists perform quality control and review results and client projects. We can also assist with study design – just call us, and our experienced scientists will help ensure that you have well-designed and controlled studies using the right tissues and validated assays. Custom Procurement – With over 2 million tissue samples, each with up to 20 years of clinical data, Folio has the largest repository of annotated human biospecimens available for research studies. However, we also routinely provide our custom procurement services to obtain the exact set of tissue specimens our clients need for their projects. We have an extended network of IRB compliant partners to meet the full needs of nearly every study, no matter how diverse or specialized – and all samples are collected and managed under the highest quality and ethical standards. Custom tissue procurement services are available for any format you need, including FFPE Samples, Frozen, PBMC Isolation, Serum, Plasma, and Urine, and samples are collected prospectively so they can be processed according to your research needs. Pathology/Histology Services – Our labs are staffed with experienced scientific researchers and Board Certified Pathologists. Folio provides a full service CLIA certified laboratory, and we offer state of the art labs for tissue processing and analytical methods such as immunohistochemistry, FISH, and in situ gene and miRNA expression analysis. Our Aperio virtual microscopy imaging center allows our researchers to analyze tissue morphology and perform comparison studies focused on specific cell types. Your Core Lab – We can provide all of your functions or just handle your overflow. Pathology Services for research – Lab services, evaluation of tumor tissues, consultation services Sectioning of human tissue samples – Paraffin embedded and Frozen Tissue Imaging – Low resolution slide scans and high resolution Aperio scans for virtual pathology Custom Histology – H&E staining, and other staining and services Other Lab Services – Folio’s experienced scientists and pathologists can provide the services you need and even serve as your ‘co-discovery’ partner. Better methods, better data. Our scientists are always working to improve industry practices. For example, we recently developed new methods to recover original antigen status for FFPE samples. You can now obtain the most meaningful results in the industry when it comes to matching your assay results to the state of expression when the samples were taken and the clinical annotations were made. If you need development or validation of novel methods for tissue based research, we are your partner.