Custom Procurement

Folio Biosciences has an extensive procurement network that is used for custom collections. Our partners are all IRB compliant and work closely with Folio to ensure the highest quality of collection. Using our procurement network, Folio is able to access millions of human tissue samples in a variety of formats worldwide. Custom procurement of human tissue samples are collected prospectively and can be processed according to your research needs, whether you need human serum, plasma, urine or other type of sample. Folio is able to supplement its procurement capability with a full service CLIA certified histology laboratory including, Folio's Aperio virtual microscopy imaging center allowing researchers to analyze tissue morphology, perform comparison studies and focus on specific cell types with ease. Folio stringently manages procurement of all the human tissue sections that it distributes. All procurement of human tissue samples is performed in accordance with IRB-approved protocols, and protecting the best interests and privacy of the patients is always our highest priority.