Histo/Path Services

Folio Biosciences offers a complete, CLIA Certified customized Histology Service to complement all of our products. Our services are aimed at life science researchers that need access to histology and pathology resources. Using state-of-the art technology, Folio can process tissue samples that will meet your needs and accelerate your research. Folio's staff has extensive expertise and guarantees excellence. These services include general and complex histological procedures.

Pathology service for researchers:

  • Pathology lab services
  • Evaluation of tumor tissues
  • Consultation services

Sectioning of Human Tissue Samples:

  • Paraffin Tissue
  • Frozen Tissue


  • Low Resolution Slide Scans
  • High Resolution Aperio Scans for Virtual Pathology

Custom Histology:

  • H&E stain
  • Other stains and services
Folio Biosciences is a CLIA certified, fully accredited laboratory that offers a suite of cutting-edge histology and pathology services.