Study Overview:

The Client:

Biotech startup

The Science:

Develop novel monoclonal antibodies, specific to biomarkers found only on the surface of certain cancer cells.

The Challenge:

Obtain matched pairs of FFPE sections from colon cancer cases, with sections representing both cancer cells and normal adjacent tissue (NAT) from the same donor. Additional normal cadaveric colon tissue samples were also required for control purposes.

The Folio Solution:

Supplying the tissue from our existing inventory was straightforward. The real challenge came from the fact that the biomarker of interest is a membrane-bound kinase that is extremely labile. The client required additional technical consulting from Folio to make sure that this and some other other related IHC studies at the client location yielded consistent, verifiable results. Folio's ability to thoroughly QC all samples and treat sections in ways that allow them to retain their original antigenicity is one of many factors that sets us aside from our competitors.


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